2019-2020 Studio Enrollment

I am now accepting students for the upcoming school year! 

Please feel free to browse my enrollment information below and be sure to contact me at sarahvincent@mmtawisconsin.org to let me know you are interested in enrolling a student. 

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What types of performing opportunities do students of Joyful Music Studio have? 

Students have several opportunities each year to broaden their performing horizons! As a member of Michibago Music Teachers Association, I encourage my students to participate in local and state events offered through MMTA and WMTA such as festivals, master classes, concerts, and competitions. It is often lonely practicing at home by yourself but when you have a purpose like a special event to practice for, it provides that sense of motivation to push toward goals! These events are completely optional but encouraged.

View my studio enrollment form, including rates and lesson time availability. 

Each student receives 30 lessons with optional studio recital and other performance opportunities.

Each student fills out a yearly goals survey to think through the year and help me plan for your success!

What if there is bad weather on a lesson day? This and other questions are addressed in the studio guidelines.


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