Celebration of Memorial Day 2016

Students of Joyful Music Studio performed and participated in the Sheboygan Falls Memorial Day Parade, on Monday, May 30, 2016. We learned about some of the different kinds of music that Americans use to honor the fallen heroes of our country, and it was an enriching experience!

On the day before the parade we talked about patriotic marches, the playing of taps, and the song that Jillian and I performed on the keyboard, "God Bless the USA" by country music artist Lee Greenwood. This ballad was written 33 years ago and is still widely popular for the patriotic lyrics it features, which so many Americans continue to identify with. We also rehearsed our jobs for the parade and added some decorations to the float.

On parade day, everyone had a job to do and all performed them with excellence! I'm so pleased with how this day turned-out and with the experience that we shared of displaying a float and presenting music for the community in appreciation and remembrance of our fallen heroes. A job well-done!

Update: We're on the front page of the Falls News!

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