2017 WMTA Auditions

Four Joyful Music Studio piano students participated in WMTA District Auditions on Saturday, March 4 at Lakeland University in Sheboygan.

Congratulations to Jillian Knier (pictured above), Tessa Kuplic, Addison Schliewe, and Joshua Vincent (pictured below)! All four were first-time participants and did a fantastic job!

Two students registered in state track. Congratulations to Addison who advanced to the Badger State Competition in May! Joshua earned enough points to qualify for state but is not yet old enough.

Students were required to learn two or three original pieces from different musical periods and take a written and aural music theory test. They performed their pieces for a judge and received valuable feedback from another qualified music professional.

Besides the helpful feedback from the judge, this event is a great exercise in learning to prepare for an exam and overcoming performance anxiety! Kids are nervous going in, but learn that they can do hard things and that builds confidence. Critiques and points are awarded by the judge and students accumulate points each year toward special awards.


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