Young Musical Stars 2017

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Young Musical Stars Concert this year! Piano performers from Joyful Music Studio were: Levi Toerpe, Liam Cline, Elizabeth Yetzer, Sophia Torke, Sammy Wallace, Joel Vincent, Joshua Vincent, Lauren Redell, Sarah Redell, Jillian Knier, Charlotte Bullard, David Barczynski, and Jake Miller. Featured on clarinet was Rachel Yetzer. Many of the students were first-time performers at this concert- bravo!

Everyone enjoyed performing in the beautiful Weill Center for the Performing Arts and listening to others perform, whether playing on the 1:00, 3:30, or 6:00 concert.

John Schindler, a 17-year old 2016-17 PianoArts Fellow from Milwaukee, was the special guest for the 1:30 and 3:30 concerts. He described his piece and then played two exciting movements from Gargoyles.

Congratulations again to all of the performers!

Left to Right: Joshua Vincent poses at the piano; David Barczynski performs on stage; Sarah and Joel Vincent perform a duet

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