MMTA Baroque Music Festival

Congratulations to the students that participated in the MMTA Baroque Music Festival at Lakeland University on Saturday, November 18! The winners and runners-up played at the winner's recital at 4:00. Thank you all for learning, working hard, and making your teacher happy!

This was a group festival, meaning that a group of students from the same division went into the judging room together and each played for the judge one at a time. This way they were able to hear other people in their division perform too! Performers go to the piano and warm-up before waiting for the judge to give the signal to start. Parents and audience members listened and applauded each performer.

This festival was a wonderful way to learn new repertoire from the Baroque Period of music history (1600-1750). It gave students motivation to press forward and practice hard this fall in preparation, and let them see other kids performing the same types of pieces. It is also valuable to experience playing for a judge and receive feedback from him or her!

3rd Grade Mollie Schliewe

4th Grade Joshua Vincent, Winner Charlotte Bullard

5th Grade Addison Schliewe, Honorable Mention Sophia Torke, Honorable Mention

7th Grade Jake Miller Sam Wallace

8th Grade Jillian Knier

Ensemble Division Addison Schliewe (and duet partner Victoria Garces), 2nd Place Winner


Joshua Vincent with his Anna Magdalena Bach book

Joshua Vincent performing his solo Minuet in G, BWV Anh. 114

Addison Schliewe and Victoria Garces performing their duet Baroque Dance by Catherine Rollin

Winners from all divisions

Certificates of participation, recognition of accomplishment!

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