Sarah Vincent

BM Music Education

Why is music study important and valuable? 

Do you want to learn a universal language, improve your memory and IQ, develop your fine motor skills, gain confidence, and cultivate joy in your life? Do you want that for your child? Yes, of course!

About My Studio

Joyful Music Studio is where I have the privilege of guiding my students as they develop their knowledge and skills in music. My passion is for instrumental music, and I teach piano as well as several different brass and woodwind instruments. Each one is unique and valuable.

Lessons are offered during Fall Term, Winter/Spring Term, and Summer Term. Students have several different opportunities for performing on their instruments throughout the school year and summer. 


I hold a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education from the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Appleton, WI, and have been teaching privately since 2010. My primary area of study in college was Trombone, followed by Flute and Piano. I have played all three instruments since I was twelve.

Some of the performing opportunities that I've had in the Sheboygan area include serving as a trombone sub in the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra, playing in the Plymouth City Band (trombone and flute), playing piano and flute on a church worship team, and I was privileged to be part of the traveling flute choir Winds of Worship for one year. 

I am actively involved in the Michibago Music Teachers Association and encourage students to participate in the many quality educational opportunities offered through this wonderful group of professional music educators, including music festivals, master classes, concerts, and scholarships.


I grew up in Sheboygan Falls and am excited to now be teaching music privately in my hometown! My husband Jipson and I both love the quiet community here. Together we enjoy homeschooling our three sons.

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