2019-2020 Studio Guidelines

Yearly Enrollment Fee and Tuition

Students typically enroll in the studio from September-May with optional summer lessons offered. My fees provide the yearly scheduled lessons from September through May, a Spring Recital, as well as time preparing for each student. Invoices will be emailed twice yearly or monthly. Please pay by cash or check made to either Sarah Vincent or Joyful Music Studio.


Late Payments

If a parent has forgotten payment, I will teach the first lesson with promise to mail or bring the payment afterwards. If the payment is again forgotten, I will not teach the student until payment is received.


New Books

I will communicate with parents when a student needs a new book. I may offer to provide the book and add the cost to the next invoice, or I may ask the parent to provide the book for the student. You can expect to pay $6 - $15 when new books are needed.



  • Students must have a binder exclusively for lesson notes, practice logs, and music (1” or 1.5” is fine). I will provide things to go in the binder. Students must bring the binder to each lesson (along with books)!

  • Binders should have 5 tabs labeled Practice Logs, Music Theory, Music History, Repertoire, and Performances.

Optional Performance Opportunities

I may suggest participation in extra festivals or events throughout the school year. These are strictly optional and it is the parent’s choice whether to allow the student to pursue them. 

  • Registration fees for festivals are typically around $15 and not more than $25.

  • If a student wishes to participate in a school festival, please notify me as far in advance as possible so I can assist with music selection and preparation.


Severe Weather

  • ​Parents decide if it is safe to come to lessons.

  • It is OK to "play it by ear" and let me know shortly before the lesson if are unable to come.

  • I will contact you if I ever cancel because of the weather.

  • I will attempt to find a suitable make-up day for weather cancellations.


Missed Lessons

  • ​Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson because of another commitment will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.

  • I will then use that time to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, or other planning and preparation.


Illness or Emergency 

  • ​​For student illness or other emergency, I will attempt to find a suitable make-up time if appropriate.

  • Parents may choose to utilize the other options below for avoiding missed lessons if appropriate.

  • I will make-up all lessons that I need to cancel because of sickness or emergency at a time that is convenient.


Options for Avoiding Missed Lessons

  • ​Video Recording- the student records his lesson assignment at home and emails the video to me. I will then review the video and write comments. This can be especially helpful because I have a chance to see the student’s practice environment and habits at home.

  • Give lesson time to sibling- When a sick or absent student has a sibling that takes lessons with me, I will offer the lesson time to that sibling.


Unenrolling a Student

  • ​If a student must stop lessons in the middle of a month, the remaining lessons paid for will not be refunded except in cases of hardship.

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